Blackmotion’s ambit of services cuts across a broad spectrum of markets.

Film & TV

Blackmotion provides and supplies services in lighting, rigging, technology and LED screens to film and TV programs. We have had the privilege to work on several projects including Fanbase, RAW SILK, TBT, Roots, the educational TV program Epic Hangouts, Imizwilili, One Day Leader, to name a few.

Concerts & Festivals

Blackmotion is a leader in live events technology and the African market leader in creating live event experiences. With experts in staging, lighting, sound, engineering, LED screens, rigging and show control, we design, construct and deliver world-class concert touring concepts for the top artists including Thandiswa Mazwai, and many more. With over 11 years of experience in entertainment and design, Blackmotion continues to drive its mission of producing high quality, safe, innovative and future-forward services to its clients.


Blackmotion seamlessly applies its winning creative concepts, experiential designs, cutting-edge technology, set and stage constructions and high-quality finishes into exciting brand activations and corporate events, shows, exhibitions, and experiential marketing campaigns. With over 11 years of experience in the entertainment industry and delivering projects within demanding time constraints and high-pressure environments, our clients trust us to provide excellence.

Blackmotion has established itself as a premiere service in the music touring industry, and the company will continue its work creating innovative experiences for branded corporate events, cruise ships, and theme parks.


Blackmotion has the capacity to service small or large conferences. No matter the size of the audience, 10 or 10 000, our team can work with you to bring a live event experience into your corporate meetings, product introductions or special events. The last time you were part of any live audience experience, Blackmotion was likely the invisible glue that held that shared entertainment experience together. Before the magic can happen, there has to be a stage, lighting, audio, and video, and it all has to work just right. We do not only have the experience but we also have the expertise to bring your conference Audio-Visual dreams to life.


Blackmotion has partnered with the best Wedding Planners and uses technology to create the desired magical and dreamy effect. We offer Lighting, Audio-Visuals, Set Design and Staging and to compliment the theme of your special day.

Live DVD Recordings

When it comes to live DVD recordings, there’s no company better suited to support the technical demands of it better than Blackmotion. We have been involved in some of the biggest DVD recordings. Live DVD producers have one shot at a live production, so any technical area can make or break a production. We have assembled teams of experienced technicians and knowledgeable account executives who have in-depth understanding of the industry and the pressure that live DVD production creates.