Blackmotion boasts an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art technology. Our Research and Technology division invests time and resources in ensuring that we have the latest and best technology in line with International standards. You can rest assured in the knowledge that equipment provided and used will meet and surpass all your quality requirements.


With its extensive inventory of state-of-the-art lighting technology, Blackmotion supports a wide variety of applications including theatre, live music, television, sports, events, architectural, and films. Whether you have a lighting design that just needs a supplier or you need a design from our stable of in-house and associate designers we can offer all the facilities and service you’ll need. In addition to luminaries – tungsten, discharge, or LED; automated or conventional, Blackmotion also carries a range of control consoles, accessories, follow-spots, networking devices, etc. Blackmotion has the lighting solution for all your needs.  Over and above our product offerings, we also have Technologists who can answer your questions and offer solutions to your lighting requirements.

LED Screens

Blackmotion has a variety of LED products to make your production come to life, from large LED screens to creative LED solutions.  We only stock VuePix LED products, a dynamic market leader in LED screen technology. VuePix’s dedication to research and development provides the highest quality LED display system solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

LED is everywhere these days and Blackmotion prides itself on a rental product for every occasion. Indoor or outdoor, we specialize in helping you find the right product and look for your show. No matter how simple or complex your ideas may be, we have the products and the team to make them a reality. Our expert team is available to help you choose the right product for your event whether it is indoor or outdoor.


An audio system should enable faithful reproduction of speech and music. Unfortunately, success not only depends on the equipment (i.e. microphones, mixers, and speakers) in use, but also largely on the acoustic conditions in the venue. So a space with long reverberation times requires a different approach than an open-air area. Other factors include the required range, the desired directivity, volume level, frequency range, etc. Issues such as ambient humidity and the running time of the sound also play a major role when planning a sound system. In short, without experienced technicians and a wide selection of specialized audio technology, it would be impossible to achieve optimal results. Blackmotion has a vast pool of leading audio technicians and project managers that have access to the latest state-of-the-art audio products and technologies to support any production or event.

Stage Technology

We build, install and/or rent stages in a plethora of sizes and shapes for every event imaginable. From Fashion Show catwalks to a small presentation stage at an AGM; A large rock concert to a plain black conference stage; A celebrity area at a press conference to a fully branded product launch – we have the equipment, team and ideas to provide you with the right stage to suit your requirements.

Audio Visuals

Technology has the ability to make or break your event and we have both the stock and expertise to ensure the success of your event. Whether you are looking for LED video technology or the state-of-the-art projection, Blackmotion offers the highest level of creative flexibility while simultaneously providing superior image quality with our extensive range of video technology options. We offer a full range of the most advanced and widely-used video technology for any production. Our video teams have the experience required to recommend and provide the right equipment for any project. Blackmotion can provide LED walls, monitors, screens, projectors or media servers from a range of manufacturers.